Friday 19 April 2019
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>>UV Inkjet Printer >> UJV500-160
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UJV500-160 features energy-saving UV-LED curing, with long-lasting UV-LED units. In combination with the brand-new UV inks.

Its fast throughput, cost-effective and environmentally friendly curing, and the 3M MCS warranted inks, the UJV500-160 delivers a print result that is dry and immediately ready for the next step in the process.

The LUS-200 inks are flexible and are ideal for applications with curved surfaces. Such as vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, where stretching can result in breaking with other UV inks.

The availability of white inks, with the LUS-150 inks, for roll-to-roll printing with the UJV500-160 will enhance the possibilities of this printer even more.
Making it possible to create truly vibrant prints on transparent substrates using an under, or over layer of white ink.

The UJV500-160 delivers

  • High speed printing of maximum 100m2/h.
  • LED-UV Curing Unit enables high-speed printing.
  • Two new flexible UV inks: LUS150 and LUS200.
  • Most environmentally friendly solution for large format printing.
  • Long life LED lamps.
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