Friday 19 April 2019
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The Mimaki CF2 series cuts a wide range of media using a variety of heads and blades. The heads can be equipped with a tangential cutter, reciprocal cutter, marking gauge roller and swivel cutter, depending on the material that needs to be cut. Two machine sizes are available: CF2-0912 (90 x 120 cm) and CF2-1218 (120 x 180 cm).

CF2 Series delivers

  • Two cutting heads are available with a wide range of blades to choose from.
  • Precise contour cutting with the patented Mimaki colour photo sensor.
  • Half-Cut; by adjusting the depth of cutter blade, you can for instance Half-Cut composite, laminated material.
  • Air suction unit to hold down the media.
  • Ideal print and cut solution with Sign graphics and Industrial printers.
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