Dear Customers, 

First of all , we would like to thank you for choosing Thebes International for being your business partner and we hope to develop our relationship. We assure you that your satisfaction and trust is considered as our main asset that we are very proud of. 

For ages, customer service and satisfaction have been a marketing schematic slogan to attract customer's attention, nowadays we strongly believe that it has become every customer's expectation and hence a genuine objective and goal of every organization aiming at survival in the severe global competition. 

The supplier-agent-customer chain has been simplified and redefined into a trilateral business partnership: supplier, customer and agent. Such a partnership shall facilitate an environment where all parties' interests are well preserved, and most importantly the customer's needs, requirements, and expectations are being met if not exceeded.Thus these are some of our deep believes that will enable us to lead the market in the new millennium.Quality as a broad concept related to every thing we do, business transaction , offered products , customer service .

We are committed to Continues improvements and developments to bring you with the latest and topnotch products with an affordable prices and economics. 
Our Social Responsibility, Thebes international genuinely committed to its responsibility to public and needs to practice good citizenship. Adherence to Business Ethics, protection for public health, safety and environment . 
Thank you for visiting the website and looking to see you again to explore our continuous improvements and special offers.

Eng. Ayman Gamal - Chairman