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Printing project on cloth
There is a revolution in the project of printing on clothes, which led to the lack of handicrafts printed old and the projects develop and use modern techniques in printing and high technical techniques on furniture and ready-made clothes such as T-shirts, shirts, bedspreads and others

The project aims to print on cloth those clothes in the most beautiful picture of them by modern technical methods that achieve high quality to put the factory product in the first rows to compete in the markets of clothing and printed publications

Products printing project on clothing:
There are many products of the project of printing on clothes in terms of form and function where there are fabrics and upholstery and bed sets and others, each of which has a function and there are clothes and t-shirts, trousers, shirts and others that are printed on them

Units required in the project of printing on the fabric:
Does not need many equipment is only one printing machine that prints on t-shirts, fabrics and pillows This method can be applied at home for the housewife

Second :
Multiple units required for printing on clothes to achieve the desired result and these tools are:

Roasting machine - Semi-automatic iron - Chassis imaging Chablona - Print tables - Print cupboard - Fast sewing machine - Overlock machine - Various tools and hand tools.

Raw materials for printing on clothes such as: Furnishing fabrics (cotton textiles) - T-shirt unprinted - Various fabrics suitable for garments.
Printing materials such as: different colors - light sensitive materials - organza cloth

Area and location in the project of printing on clothes
This project requires an area of ​​not less than 120 square meters equipped with concrete bases to install equipment, equipped with utilities of electricity, water source and a good source of ventilation of the place.

Labor Required for Printing on Clothing Project:
The project of printing on clothes is characterized by the creation of jobs for young graduates in addition to handicraft, and the project needs about 10 people.

The method of marketing and distribution of products for the project of printing on clothing is the most important that your material that you have manufactured with high efficiency and the introduction of new designs suitable for printing operations with chaplon and lead to a distinct product, which leads to the ease of distribution and supply and demand for that commodity you sell

How to market the products of the project printing on clothing?

clothes shops.
Furniture Stores.
Official exhibitions.

And contracts with garment factories

Health and environmental requirements in the project of printing on clothes:
Provide good lighting.
Disposal of the waste of the printing project by selling, which brings you income from those wastes.

Picture of some printing machines on clothes

Cloth printing machine
This machine has multiple uses in printing on clothes

Modern printing machines have been developed called Rayban or etiquette cloth

It works by printing 6 colors on one side, five colors on one side and two colors on the back or four colors on one side and three on the back and it takes one hour to print and it is a high quality machine in printing

There are thermal presses 6 × 1 consists of five pieces, which is very effective where it prints more than 15 materials, the device prints cloth and t-shirts and all kinds of clothing and prints as well as materials other than fabrics and also printed on bags where you can print bags with cartoon characters loved by children

Project printing on clothes is a profitable project, for example, if we assume in some concerts for football players and asked you to print some t-shirts with a picture or the name of a particular player

And not only parties can market those printed clothes and pictures of stars or famous personalities in many places in shops or markets or malls and others and have a high demand

The profit from the printing project on clothing is attractive and the cost is not much. The project on printing clothes is not very expensive, but you must provide the appropriate machines and reap the fruits of your hand in that project, God willing.