Friday 19 April 2019
>>Neo Titan 2504D-wv
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Printing Speed :
Max. Production Mode 30-33sqm per hour with CMYK(4) color printing.

Resolution :
Max. Quality Mode 720 X 1440 dpi as Photographic Image Quality.

Color Expression :
  • Dilli original Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.
  • White (full back screen and spot image).
  • Varnish (full front screen coating and spot image plus dooming effect specialty).
  • Double Strike mode for back-lit display.
  • Printed by Dilli Original Neo Rip S/W and ICC profile.

Special High-tech Function :
  • Auto Head Height Measurement System : up to 50mm thickness of media.
  • Media Origin System: Convenient automatic printing origin(perfect back-to-back printing).
  • Auto Ink Refill System: continuous ink supply for maximum productivity.
  • Automatic Head Suction Cleaning System.
  • Print Head Alignment Controller S/W for the highest quality of image printing.
  • Auto Feeding System both for rigid media and roll media with Combo system.
  • Auto Vacuum Generated Negative Pressure System.
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