Friday 19 April 2019
>>Neo Titan RTR 5000
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  Max billboard mode 235 sqm/hour

Print Quality:

  • Photorealistic resolution with 1440 dpt at 68 sqm/hour fine art mode
  • 4 color double + 2 whites for securing versatility of UV printing (RTR5004D-W2X)
  • Gradient mode for fine art application and double strike mode for backlit

Features to set ahead of the competition:

  • Designed for plug & play : no need of additional roller & winder alignment
  • Linear motor to secure repeatability and consistency of your print job
  • Auto media tension control system : controlling speed/power of winders
  • Head crash prevetion system with safety sensor
  • Auto ink refill system for continuous printing and increasing productivity
  • Print head alignment system controlled by S/W
  • Auto- feeding system for consistent roll media supply
  • Multi roll printability up to 3 rolls of 1.52 M
  • Mesh media printability



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