Friday 19 April 2019
>>Neo Sun FB2513-04DWX
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Special features 

  • Ink: TVOC certified , environmentally friendly
  • Auto vacuum control system : handles various media sizes
  • Dual servo auto feeding system for precise feeding control
  • Auto lamp shutter system: twin shutter control to select ideal curing condition
  • UV lamp power control system: prevents the heat from damaging sensitive medias
  • Auto gap present system: maximum media thickness of 50 mm
  • Sliding ink refill station for easy accessibility
  • Air blowing system to handle heavy substrates
  • Print head collision prevention system
  • Automatic origin pin system helps setting of media
  • Antistatic system to keep media free of static
  • Superior image quality reinforced by Dilli variable dot
          (Gray scale 4 steps drop size from 0 upto 13 pl)
  • Masking mode (Gradient) for extremely higher photorealistic printing quality
  • MHA system: Dilli specialized easy & fine adjustment system for printhead alignment
  • Printed nozzle protection system for optimized printing
          1)     White ink circulation  2) V motion system


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